14 New Offers For IOS 6

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Video: 14 New Offers For IOS 6

Video: 14 New Offers For IOS 6
Video: iOS 6: ТОП игр, которых уже нет в App Store 2023, April
14 New Offers For IOS 6
14 New Offers For IOS 6

It just so happens that before the next World Conference of Developers WWDC, I am writing an article about the innovations that I would like to see in the new iOS 6. This is complicated by the fact that the existing iOS is very close to becoming perfect and finding flaws or coming up with something new is not an easy task. Therefore, I decided to pay attention to some small options that would make iOS even more convenient.


And so, here is a list of what I would like to see in iOS 6. I would be very glad to receive your comments.

1. Increased SIRI capabilities and free access to the SIRI API

This is probably my biggest request, or wish. After the release of SIRI, this function seemed to be blessed with overwhelming capabilities. But in the end we got a raw product, which, moreover, is not updated. I don't think Apple is unaware of the potential uses for this service. Therefore, I would like the SIRI API to be open to third-party developers. As soon as this happens, this service will shine with new colors. Imagine how SIRI can be used on Skype, Tweet, Vkontakte, etc. This is just what came to mind. But there are a million talented developers out there who could make this feature really what Apple intended on paper. But … since the service is in beta, has a rather weak server, it seems to me that little will change with this function in iOS 6 either.

2. Multiple users for iPad

Of course, if I said that I would like multiplayer mode on the iPhone, it looked ridiculous to say the least. Therefore, I would like to see this feature in the iPad. The phone is usually a personal device, but the iPad can be used by the whole family. And I wish my niece didn't accidentally delete my files using her iPad.

Previously, this could not be desired, since all users of the device quickly filled the hard disk and the work would be completed. But today there is iCloud and iTunes, which gives the right to implement such an idea.

3. Integration with Facebook

I use Twitter 10 times more often than I used to. This is because it is integrated into iOS 5. It is so convenient to upload photos to Twitter without launching the application itself. Considering that now I have more friends on Facebook than on Twitter, I hope it will be integrated into iOS 6. This is not a new request, such an action has been suggested many times in pre-releases of Apple operating systems, but has never been implemented. Facebook is more to blame for this. Apple has always advocated protecting its users' information, and Facebook wanted to own that information. Until the two companies come to a compromise, we're unlikely to see Facebook integrate into the operating system. Worse from this, first of all, Facebook, because Twitter from such integration has received only advantages.

4. Automatically hide the Kiosk app with no content

Reading magazines in this application is sheer convenience, especially on the iPad. One of the problems with this application is that it stays on the screen even if there is no subscription to the next magazine. As I understand it, Apple did this so that you always subscribe to the next issue of the magazine. All I suggest is to hide the Newsstand app from the desktop when you don't have a magazine subscription.

5. Multitasking gestures for iPhone

With iOS 5, Apple has introduced new gestures for the iPad. Using four or five fingers, you can go to the home screen or switch between applications. These gestures made the iPad quite comfortable. I suggest transferring these capabilities to the iPhone. For example, a triple tap - exit to the main screen, holding three fingers would provide a call to the task manager, and use a three-finger left / right gesture to switch between applications.

6. Improvement of the Notification Center

Improving Action Center will be a separate personal request for Apple. The notification center can be equipped with additional widgets, at least for the iPad. There is no built-in weather service or stock quotes. So I would like to monitor the value of Apple shares in real time. I would also like to see a countdown timer. For example, to remember to take a pie out of the oven or turn off the kettle. At the expense of the location of notifications, I would like to see them on the right side of the screen.

7. Weather, actions and watches for iPad

It would be very pleasant to see all this on one screen.

8. Sharing files on iOS 6

Before the launch of iOS 5, many asked for the integration of the Finder app for iPhone file sharing. But Apple left iCloud. Of course, iCloud allows you to access your files from any device, but it complicates the exchange between devices so much.

Enter the "external device" parameter in iOS. Give the opportunity to select a file, send it to an external device surrounding your iPhone, iPad or Macbook. Thanks to this feature, you can exchange virtual business cards, presentations and videos. It would be nice to have an animation interface where you could just drag and drop a file from one device to another.

9. Quick access to activate and switch between Bluetooth, WiFi and 3G

Yes, some people switch between Bluetooth devices all the time. Today this action takes five steps. Here's what Apple could do:

- set the SIRI command - “Turn off Bluetooth”;

- Add a menu to the right of the screen;

- Swiping across the top or bottom of the screen opens the Notification Center, where Apple can add a Wireless Center menu.

- Add bluetooth menu in task manager.

10. Unified lock code for apps

Now there is a fashion for developers to inject codes to block their applications. It would be nice to see a separate "Password Protection Center" menu, where you can not only block the device, but also individual applications.

11. Multiple email signatures

Sometimes it is necessary to send a letter from different mailboxes. IOS currently only allows one signature. It would be nice to have multiple signatures on one box.

12. Top Safari Sites

I would like to see this feature not only on the iPhone, but also on the iPad. I really like the way it is presented on the Macbook. Thanks to her, I follow the news of my favorite sites every day.

13. Ability to select different styles of text

Another request from previously unfulfilled desires. Hopefully Apple implements it this time. Why weren't the developers able to do this? The point is that the company did not provide a styling interface for application developers, so if they wanted to do something special, they would have to write code from scratch. Perhaps Apple will clear up this misunderstanding and soon we will see even more beautiful and stylish applications.

14. Improved cursor navigation

At first I didn't think it was possible until I saw the video from danielchasehooper. His proposal is ingenious and will make the cursor much, much more obedient, especially on the large iPad screen.

What do you think is missing from the existing iOS 5?

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