Hernia, Preservative, Сrest, Absent And Other 60 English Words That Are Often Translated Incorrectly

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Hernia, Preservative, Сrest, Absent And Other 60 English Words That Are Often Translated Incorrectly
Hernia, Preservative, Сrest, Absent And Other 60 English Words That Are Often Translated Incorrectly

Our language has many borrowed words. Foreign words in the original may actually have very different meanings than those we hear and use. And there are quite a few such examples. And sometimes a real translation in our language has evolved and began to mean something related in meaning, but still different. Let's take a look at this list and improve our literacy.

60 English words that often get translated wrong
60 English words that often get translated wrong

60 English words that often get translated wrong

Absent - to be absent or absent. And although this word seems to be the name of the famous alcoholic drink, it is still called in English differently - Absinthe.

Accurate is crisp, accurate. So he tends to translate this word as "neat". You may even see some connection between these adjectives, but they have quite clear differences.

Artist - this word is not an artist at all, but an artist or sculptor. Yes, these are all creative professions. But the artist still performs in public, while the correct meaning of the word refers to the representatives of the fine arts.

Affect - which of us has not done stupid things in a state of passion? However, this English word has a completely different meaning - to act on something, to influence something.

Bar - this word flaunts on many drinking establishments. But do their owners know what it means? In fact, bar is a board or bar, but not a bar. Yes, this board can act as a bar, but no more. And drink lovers should be invited to go to the pub.

Band - it is easy to make a mistake in translation, deciding that it is about a criminal group, a gang. In fact, this word means a group, but not villains, but ordinary musicians. The radio wave range may also be called so. And the bandits are called differently - gang.

Balloon - There are other words for common balloons in English. Specifically, this refers to a fully formed variety of balloons - balloons, balloons or balloons.

Baton - the correct meaning of the word is a rod or a stick, and there is definitely no connection with a bakery product, a loaf.

Beacon - You’ll hardly see a word like this on a bacon package. But in a book about lighthouses, it may well appear.

Bog - it would be naive to believe that the Russian word "god" has an English origin or migrated there. This is an ordinary swamp.

Blank - this word has several meanings. The main one is a space, a dash, a blank cartridge. And only the meaning "empty lottery ticket" can somehow correspond to the form expected in case of an incorrect translation.

Brass - this word has nothing to do with swimming, its meaning is brass.

Brilliant - the translation of a word often causes mistakes. Obviously, we are talking about a diamond! In fact, the word is an adjective meaning "bright, brilliant, outstanding." Another word has been chosen to denote jewelry - diamond.

Bucket is not a bouquet at all, but a bucket. However, nothing prevents to plant an armful of flowers there.

Cabinet - the British mean by this word a kind of glazed cabinet, chest of drawers, sometimes even the government. In our language, an office is something similar, but still different. The British prefer to call the workspace office.

Canal - yes, it's a channel. But not television, but dug as an artificial channel or just a passage.

Chef - if you call your boss that word, he may be offended. After all, it means not just a leader, but a chef. Chef is great for taunting someone's culinary skills, and save your boss.

With arrier - the meaning of this word is "carrier", with a career or career it is clearly not connected in any way in meaning.

Climax - in fact, the meaning of this word is even somewhat optimistic - the denouement, the climax, the highest point, almost an orgasm. This word is far from menopause, at least from an emotional standpoint.

Complexion - the word has nothing to do with body complexion or complexes. It's just about the color of the skin or face.

With onvert, this word is a verb, so it obviously does not mean an envelope. Its meaning is to transform, translate, convert. But the paper envelope does not take part in such operations.

With rest - although the English are Christians, they call the cross differently. And this word means a mane, crest or coat of arms and is clearly not connected with religion.

Data - This term is well known to analysts and IT workers. Of course, we are talking about data, indicators, information, and not at all about the date on the calendar.

Detective - the word really translates as "detective". But we are not talking about a kind of book genre, but about a profession. You can also translate the word as "detective".

Direction - we usually call a management body a direction. But in this case we are talking about a different directorate - about the method of management, area, command, direction.

Drug - if you consider this word your friend - you have problems. It means a medicine or, more often, a drug.

Dynamic - the word has nothing to do with radio electronics, it is not a speaker at all. But in physics it can be found - there dynamic, dynamic and dynamics are present everywhere.

Fabric - within the meaning, you can associate a factory with the true translation of a word - texture, fabric, structure and even a structure. But you should not confuse the concept.

General - most often this word means basic, general, ordinary. It is used very rarely as a military rank.

Glass - we are talking about glass, glass or glass. The eye, of course, can also be glass, but such subtleties are unlikely to be packed in one word.

Hernia - do not rush to consider this word as a dirty word. In English, it means a hernia and is definitely not considered obscene.

Heroine - the name of the drug is written in English without the letter "e" at the end, and this word designates the heroine of a film or book. The heroine can take heroin, which will lead to puns in the English language.

Italic - hardly anyone has dealt with the Italian font. But the italics are clear to everyone. Interestingly, the very origin of this term is associated with Latin.

Intelligent - literally this word means "smart, intelligent". Of course, you will hardly find a stupid intellectual, but literally translating in this case is not worth it.

Insult - in the medical literature, this word can mean hemorrhage or the usual stroke, but most often it means an offense or insult.

Jealousy - It is easy to read and translate this word like “blinds”. But it means jealousy or suspicion, perhaps envy.

Jest - this word can be called a joke or a mockery. This is also a kind of gesture, but much more humorous.

Lad - this word has nothing to do with music. This is how guys are called in English.

List - I want to translate a word like a regular sheet. Its real meaning is a shopping or to-do list, which can also be a kind of sheet.

Look - it is interesting that in the modern Russian language even a fashionable word "bow" appeared with a meaning corresponding to the English word - facial expression, look, appearance, appearance. When they say, "Appreciate my onion," they obviously don't mean a vegetable.

Lunatic - in our country it is customary to call lunatics, but in English it refers to crazy in general. But are sleepwalkers really like that?

Mayor - this word is used to name an important person, but not a military officer with the rank of major, but the mayor who runs the city.

Magazine is not a store, but something that can be purchased there: magazines, a kind of periodical or a publishing house in a broad sense.

More - this word has no connection with the sea, it is translated as more, more, additionally, almost, again, again, a lot. More meanings are a whole sea.

Metropolitan - in a big city or metropolis, which are indicated by this word, the metro may well be found. But there is a term for it - subway or just metro.

Officiant - you must agree, the host of the wedding ceremony is clearly a more significant position than our simple waiter. A translation error can have a significant effect on the wedding description.

Paragraph - what we want to translate as a paragraph is a paragraph. These concepts are similar, but there is a fundamental difference. Either we are talking about indentation and a special character, or these are blocks of text of different sizes.

Prospect - the meaning of this word is not "prospect" at all, but an opportunity, panorama, perspective. It is quite logical that the street with a wide panorama was called the avenue.

Preservative is also closely related to preservation. But we are not talking about unwanted pregnancy, but simply about a special preservative for the safety of food.

Parole - it's hard to imagine that someone could forget the word password, which means “password”. And this word is translated as "early imprisonment".

Patron - The word "patron" has in our language not only the meaning associated with ammunition. This is what they call a boss, boss, leader. This is how the English word is translated, it can also mean a regular customer or visitor.

Plot - you will hardly be able to sail somewhere on a land plot or allotment, on a plan or a plan. It's not a raft at all.

Polygon - this word has nothing to do with the army, but completely with geometry. This is what the polygon is called.

Resin - If you translate the name of a resin or rosin as "rubber", there may be confusion.

Royal - a member of the royal or royal family may be quite surprised if they suddenly call him a grand piano.

Robe - it would be very rude to call a robe, a robe, a cassock or a robe. Although in essence the concepts are very similar.

Rule - so called rules, concepts, customs. Of course, in a certain sense, they "rule" people or society, but in fact they definitely have nothing to do with the transport management tool.

Scenery is a landscape that can become a background, but hardly a full-fledged scenario.

Servant - this word does not mean a piece of furniture, but a simple servant or servant.

Silicon - this is the word indicated in the name of the famous technological valley. But it is not Silicon, but Silicon.

Ship is a simple word that even beginners know the meaning of. This is a ship, not a thorn.

Stake - if you try to eat this item, you will be very surprised. You hope for a steak, but you have to deal with a stake or a stake.

Surrogate - this is how a trustee is called in English, for example, a representative in an election company. Our word "surrogate", although similar in meaning, has a wider range of meanings and its analogue in English.

Talon - you cannot pay with this item in transport. After all, a deck or a nail is a bad substitute for a coupon.

Tip - the word means a hint, advice or tip, but not "type".

Trap - when epic heroes shout "It's a trap!" they do not react to an unexpected ladder, but simply see a trap.

Troop - a detachment or squadron clearly does not want its members to become corpses.

Tourniquet - you will hardly find this item on the subway, because this is not a turnstile, but a tourniquet to stop bleeding.

Valet - the jack of cards has a distant relation to this word. It means a servant or footman, a hotel employee who drives a car to a parking lot.

Velvet - this is how the English call velvet, not velvet. And there is a fundamental difference between fabrics. Corduroy is made from fine cotton fabric, while velvet is made from silk.

Veer - the word means change of direction. True, the fan can also change the direction of the air masses.

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