Types Of Football: 15 Popular Types Of Football That You May Not Even Have Heard Of

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Video: Types Of Football: 15 Popular Types Of Football That You May Not Even Have Heard Of

Video: Types Of Football: 15 Popular Types Of Football That You May Not Even Have Heard Of
Types Of Football: 15 Popular Types Of Football That You May Not Even Have Heard Of
Types Of Football: 15 Popular Types Of Football That You May Not Even Have Heard Of

Although the most popular sport in the world, classic football is not interesting for everyone. But some of its varieties, sometimes more dynamic and action-packed, are certainly able to interest even people far from the world of sports.

Types of football
Types of football

Futsal (mini-football)

Let's start with the well-known futsal or, as it is often called, mini-football. This type of football attracts spectators with dynamics, technical skill of performers and an abundance of goal situations. The ball is rarely raised in the air here, most combinations are based on short and medium one-touch passes, and the ban on tackles allows the most technical players to demonstrate their dribbling skill.

Indoor (Arena) Soccer or showball

A game that is in many ways similar to futsal, however, it is distinguished by a much higher pace due to the boards placed around the perimeter of the court, the height of which can be from one to two meters. The board performs two functions at once - it almost completely abolishes outs and corners, and also allows the team to play a "wall" without a partner.


In this game, which is very popular in Asia, the ball cannot fly out of the court at all, since it is a parallelepiped completely closed on four sides, in which 2 on 2 compete, and the audience watches what is happening through transparent walls.

Beach football

From parquet to sand. If in futsal the ball rarely breaks off the floor, then in beach football everything is exactly the opposite - sandy bumps do not allow combining below, and many goals are hammered by blows from the fall, which, of course, adds color to this sport.

Foot volleyball

A hybrid of beach soccer and volleyball, which also has a large number of beautiful falls. For training purposes, many professional footballers also play foot tennis with similar rules, but with a lower net.

Sepak takrau or "kung fu-bol"

An Asian version of footvolleyball played with a small plastic ball, showing the wonders of acrobatics.

Swamp Football

Finnish invention that took root in Russia. As you might guess, the main feature of the game is the venue - the players move knee-deep, waist-deep and even neck-deep in the mud, which requires incredible endurance. In this sport, championships are regularly held, in which teams from the Baltic States and the northwestern part of Russia usually take part.


And this is already Ukrainian know-how that gained popularity in 2007, when someone suggested playing football with two balls. To monitor game situations in footdullball, two referees work, whose whistles differ in tone, and the coaches invent ingenious tactics with mobile game schemes.

Gaelic Football

National Irish fun, which has spread in other countries. The game is a mixture of the Irish favorite sports - football and rugby. The field is divided into zones, in some of them you can take the ball with your hands, in others you can use only the legs, head and torso. The goal is a hybrid of regular football and rugby H-shaped, a goal in the lower “frame” brings the team 3 points, in the upper one - 1 point.

Australian football

The game is also more like rugby or American football, with hard joints, jerks, kicks, and martial arts moves. However, goals here have to be scored with feet.

Florentine Football (Calcio)

Back in the 16th century, Italians invented a sport that could now be called a mixture of football, rugby and MMA fighting. Paying tribute to tradition, modern teams enter the battlefield, that is, the match, in traditional costumes. They fight, that is, they play, 27 to 27, the prize for the winners is a live goat. There are a minimum of rules here, it is allowed, for example, to kick the opponent on one flank, while the fight for the match is on the opposite.


This sport originated in the United States over 100 years ago and is quite popular to this day. The classic bicycle ball is played two on two, and the goalkeeper is the player who is closer to his goal. The skill of owning a bicycle among professional cyclists can surprise even experienced extreme cycling trials.


Football is played on motorcycles on a large asphalt ground by teams of 5 people. The game originated in France 70-80 years ago and today motorcycle clubs exist in many countries of Europe, North Africa and the Middle East. Unlike bicycle ball, here kicks on the ball are made not with wheels, but with feet, while the ability to bypass opponents by dribbling comes to the fore.

Bumperball or bubble-soccer

A very popular all over the world entertaining type of mini-football, which is played wearing an inflatable ball, which allows you to go into any collisions with minimal risk of injury.


Robot soccer competitions were first held between engineers from different countries 20 years ago, and every year cyborg matches are becoming more and more attractive to the viewer. Of course, the majority of fans in this discipline are far from sports and prefer lines of program code to the tournament tables, but a certain excitement, and most importantly, a positive mood, is present during the competition.

Foosball, kicker or table football

Invented as a fun for children, table football quickly became a popular gambling game for adults, and for many years, competitions have been held all over the world under the auspices of the international federation ITSF. In recent years, a separate direction of table football has even appeared, in which players demonstrate tricks with the ball, performed by plastic figures of football players.

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